7 Home Improvement Projects To Do This Summer

Alyssa Serrao, 7/10/2019

Summer is a perfect time to get the ball rolling on improving aspects of your home. Summer can provide consistent warm weather, making it easier to finish some home improvement projects or chores you have been putting off. We are providing a list of seven popular summer home improvement projects to give you ideas for your next mission!

Summer Home Improvement Projects

1. Pay attention to your gutters

Again, summer is the time to pay extra attention to your gutters, meaning clean them out! A number of problems can arise if debris continues to build up in your gutters. The most important reason to keep your gutters clean is to avoid the risk of roof damage. When leaves and other forms of debris clog up your gutters to the point where water is overflowing, it can cause your roof to rot. It is better to keep your gutters clean, rather than having to pay the price later. Depending on how many trees you have around your home, it is suggested to clean your gutters 2-4 times a year. Cleaning your gutters will also help keep out pests and will lessen the chances of damaged brackets or cracks in the foundation.

2. Roof repair

Speaking of damaged roofs, roof repair is best to get done during the summer, since there is usually low chances of rainfall. Basic roof repairs, like fixing loosened shingles, should be a relatively simple project. If you are experiencing leaks or find pronounced damage, it is best you consult with a roofing contractor. If your roof ends up being extremely old or damaged, getting a full roof replacement is an option. Most roofs typically last 15-25 years, but some can last even longer. 

3. Power wash your exterior

There are plenty of power washing before-and-after videos online, demonstrating what a significant difference a power wash can make. To get ready for summer and all of the entertaining, power wash your driveway, house’s siding, and deck. This will make your home appear brand new and will also improve your curb appeal.

4. Build or install a deck

If you have decided that you want to improve how you lounge or entertain, a deck may be the right choice for you. Not only does it give you a beautiful place to do whatever you want, it also adds value to your home. Basic ground-level decks or patios can be a do-it-yourself project for those who are experienced with tools and building. However, consult with a professional when wanting to install a stunning raised deck!

5. Clean your Windows

Take full advantage of summer’s beautiful days by cleaning the windows in your home. It is recommended to clean both sides of your windows to truly see them sparkle. To clean your windows yourself, wikiHow has some great tips here. It may be worth investing in a squeegee!

6. Install a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans help you keep cool and comfortable during the warmer months of the year. Turning off the air conditioner when possible to use the fans can save energy and money. It is recommended to keep your air conditioner set to a higher temperature than usual in summer and to let the fan do the rest of the cooling. If you want more tips on how to be more energy efficient this summer, read my blog post, Maximizing Energy Efficiency During Summer.

7. Drain your water heater

A water heater needs to be drained as part of its maintenance. Draining a water heater will help ensure its longevity by cleaning out minerals and other debris. These unwanted particles can cause it to malfunction or break, gifting unlucky parties with cold showers and a problem to fix. Although professional recommendations vary, you should plan on draining your water heater once or twice a year.

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