Top Summer Improvement Projects: Backyard Landscaping

Alyssa Serrao, 6/14/2019

In order to get the most out of your backyard, you may need to invest in it initially and intermittently. Backyard landscaping is one of the most popular home improvement projects that people undergo in the warm summertime months. Not only does it open up the opportunity to entertain guests and enjoy time outside, backyard landscaping is one of the biggest home improvement projects that can add value to a property. It has the possibility to add 28% to the value of a home!


The Basics: Full Service Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is a regularly scheduled service that targets specific aspects of your front-yard or backyard. These services target things like watering, weed control, mowing, etc. Lawn maintenance services are extremely helpful with the upkeep of your yard but may not provide what you need for transforming your yard into your favorite summer getaway spot. A full landscaping service will have the resources to provide you with a personalized design for your backyard and will be able to implement it properly.


Backyard Landscaping: Where to Begin

It is important to know that there are two different professional landscapers: landscape architects and landscape contractors. The architect is the person who creates the design and image for your backyard. The landscape contractors are the ones to execute and carry out that design. These two people vital for your home improvement project often work together in companies, making it easier. Before setting up a consultation with a landscape architect, it is important to assess your needs and wants. An ideal backyard can vary depending on your needs and wants. For example, if you have children or animals, it may be important for you to have a play area. If you really enjoy entertaining guests, a patio with cozy furniture may be important. After you have assessed your requirements, make a wish-list of things you would love to incorporate in your backyard. A landscape architect can help you bring your wish-list come to life in a beautiful and cohesive way. The last thing to keep in mind is to complete your hardscapes (patios, walkways, fountains, etc.) before you start planting!


Important Questions to Ask your Potential Landscaping Service

1.    Is your company properly insured?

If the company is not properly insured, it is a liability and could even expose you to law suits. To avoid a potential problem if a worker gets hurt on your property, make sure the company is properly insured.

2.    What is your guarantee?

Professional and reputable companies should be able to guarantee the work they have done to your backyard to hold up for a certain amount of years. It is recommended that these companies guarantee their work for at least two years. Many companies are able to guarantee their work for five years.

3.    How long have you been in business?

4.    Can you give me a maintenance plan?

With your new and improved backyard, you need to be educated on how to upkeep its beauty so you can continue to enjoy your investment.

5.    Will you give me a scaled design of my backyard?

This may be an obvious one but you need to make sure that you are getting a scaled design of your home improvement project. This helps avoid confusion between the landscapers and the homeowner(s). This also ensures you are getting what you are paying for and can testify for you if installations do not match the design.

6.    What is a realistic cost for the price of my project?

Again, remember that backyard landscaping can increase the value of your property!


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