Trending Interior Design Ideas for Your Homes Kitchen

Mandy Lee, 6/26/2020

Trending Interior Design Ideas for Your Homes Kitchen

If you’re looking to spice up your home with some interior design remodeling, the kitchen is the best place to start. There are so many new kitchen trends coming and going that there’s always something to upgrade when it comes to one of the most popular rooms in the household. 

In case you’re on the hunt for some interior design projects that can give your home a makeover and improve its style, look no further. We gathered some of the hottest projects for kitchen remodeling here so you can be more informed of your options before you start remodeling your kitchen in 2020.

Quartz Countertops

It’s no secret that kitchen countertops have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a kitchen. If you have old vinyl, granite, or laminate countertops, try switching them out for quartz. White kitchen countertops made from quartz, in particular, are very popular right now and will net you some serious style points. Quartz is also naturally durable and highly desired for its beauty, so it should fit right at home in your kitchen.

Aging-in-Place Features

Aging-in-place features are all the rage right now, especially among homeowners who plan to age in their homes or those who see a lot of visits from elderly loved ones. 

Items like non-slip mats and flooring, home handrails, a sink next to the stove, curved countertop edges, and touchless faucets are all known to be more convenient and safe for the elderly and disabled. If you want your kitchen to be elderly-friendly, you’d do well to install a few of these items.

Sealing Leaks

Sealing window leaks and door drafts is another subtle way to use interior design to improve your kitchens look. Sealing doors and windows with weatherstripping can actually look somewhat stylish if you pick the right kind. Of course, it also improves your home’s energy efficiency by eliminating pesky air leaks. 

Pull-Out Storage

Pull-out pantry shelves and vertical storage are hot right now thanks to their efficient use of space and ease-of-access. Consider adding a vertical pull-out shelf somewhere in your kitchen for a sleek, spacious place to store your groceries and other kitchen essentials. 

Decorative Chandelier

An easy way to add your own personal flair to your kitchen is by hanging a decorative chandelier over the kitchen table. This could take the form of anything from a rustic cargo-barrel to a lion’s head, planet, basketball, or anything that suits your fancy. 

Start with the Kitchen if You’re Remodeling your Home’s Interior

If you want to remodel your home's interior in 2020, the kitchen should be your first priority. By installing things like a decorative chandelier, pull-out storage, weatherstripping, aging in place features, and quartz countertops, you can help bring your kitchen up to speed in a big way. 

Adding a combination of style, safety, and functionality to your kitchen with these suggestions is the perfect way to go when remodeling your interior this year.

Mandy Lee is a contributor to Innovative Construction Materials. She is a blogger and content writer for the building materials industry. Mandy is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.