MüvzU is an online platform that connects people to local and trusted home service professionals in the most convenient way. No personal information and no lengthy questionnaires. MüvzU gives users the results they want when they are needed; maximizing the visibility of local professionals and creating an experience that users prefer time and time again. Search a home category, review business contact information, read honest reviews, view photos of a professional’s work, look for a business’s current coupons and promotions, and connect with professionals immediately.

Mission: To connect homeowners with the best local home service providers in the most convenient way.

About Justin

Justin Serrao, the founder of MüvzU, moved 3 times between 2016 and 2018. He noticed that finding home service professionals during his moves and throughout his homeownership was a struggle. Sites required all of his personal information, lengthy questionnaires, and he would only be provided with a few matched companies when these sites decided to email him. Not getting immediate results and being bombarded with spam emails and phone calls, Justin decided to make a change to the industry in a way that best services users and local businesses. MüvzU was born in 2018 and launched in 2019 giving users immediate results for their home needs without requiring any personal information or lengthy questionnaires. MüvzU is dedicated to providing results of local businesses in all home categories. From interior to exterior to buying and selling; MüvzU is your 1-stop shop to find all of the top home service professionals in your area.

My husband and I recently purchased our first home. We were in search of a reputable fencing company when I noticed that every home pro site required all of our personal information. I noticed so many spam emails and phone calls after, which was a huge headache. We just wanted to find a list of companies in our area to review and contact. I wish MüvzU was available at the time to make the process quick and easy.
   -Sarah & Patrick Ward: Lake Stevens, WA
I came home from work one day to find that our dog ate through the spicket in our backyard. Water was flowing everywhere! We needed a plumber that night. A few different sites said they would email me a few matched plumbers in my area. I didn’t have time to wait for just a few results! I needed to talk to someone immediately! I wish MüvzU was available at the time. I can’t wait to use a site that truly understands the needs of their users.
   -Hailey de Lambert: Boise, ID
I experienced a major life change this past year… Moving! Everything involved in this process was very overwhelming. I needed to find many different contractors on my own during the sale. From painters, flooring, handymen, landscapers, stagers and so much more. It would have been so convenient if MüvzU was available at the time. A 1-stop shop to guide me to all of these separate entities. I look forward to using MüvzU for all of my home needs!
   -Alice Moyer: Pleasanton, CA