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9 Things Every New Homeowner Should Install

Mandy Lee, 8/1/2019

When you buy your first home, it’s easy to get very excited about the idea of living there. However, there are a few things that you should consider installing in your new property in order to make it more comfortable. Changing the décor and replacing some old appliances can really...

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MüvzU Sloth Ad

Justin Serrao, 7/19/2019

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MüvzU Computer Ad

Justin Serrao, 7/12/2019

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7 Home Improvement Projects To Do This Summer

Alyssa Serrao, 7/10/2019

Summer is a perfect time to get the ball rolling on improving aspects of your home. Summer can provide consistent warm weather, making it easier to finish some home improvement projects or chores you have been putting off. We are providing a list of seven popular summer home improvement projects...

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How to Quickly Sell Your Home in Any Market

Alyssa Serrao, 7/6/2019

Selling your home will be a breeze with these tips to get your home off the market. Make sure to check out MüvzU to help follow through with these suggestions! Home-Selling Tips That Don’t Require Spending Money1. Deep clean, declutter, and rearrangeYou must deep clean your home in order to sell...

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6 Things to Consider Before Installing a Pool

Alyssa Serrao, 7/1/2019

Whether you have kids or not, sometimes it would be nice to skip the crowded community pool to relax or entertain poolside at the comfort of your own home. If frequently put to use, pools can definitely be worth the investment but there are some things to consider before installing...

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Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home This Summer

Alyssa Serrao, 6/29/2019

During the warm months of summer, you may find that you are having more problems with pests. Some bugs are more active in the warmer months; these warm periods can accelerate their life spans and create an increase in the population. It can become a big nuisance when they begin...

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Top Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Alyssa Serrao, 6/23/2019

With so many different aspects to consider, buying a home can be extremely intimidating. Hoping to make the journey a little less nerve-wracking, here are a list of tips for first-time home buyers. Mortgage Application and Down Payment Tips1. First things first, determine your price rangeBefore you start looking for homes,...

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Maximizing Energy Efficiency During Summer

Alyssa Serrao, 6/20/2019

With the temperature rising during the hot summer months, you may find that your utility bills are as well. Optimizing energy is not only helpful for saving money, it is also environmentally beneficial! Whether you are here to save money or to be environmentally conscientious, we aim to give you...

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